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Sample Vignette:
#10 Taking Responsibility
for One's Happiness
By Lorraine Morgan Scott

I am responsible for my happiness/ I cannot delegate my being happy to anyone/
Who would want that responsibility?

I have a secret/
I learned long ago/
It's a good one I'll tell you/
Would you like to know?

It's rather simple/
this secret of mine/
yet so beneficial/
the knowledge divine.

This secret sets the stage/
for all of life's pain/
and this secret can save me/
from hurt, disappointment and shame.

So my secret you see/
is for me to believe/
I am the one/
responsible for me.

It is my choice/
to be happy and free/
it is my actions/
and my responsibility.

I am responsible/
for my life I am sure/
for my happiness and thoughts/
and for my future.

Yes, my secret is out/
and yes, I believe/
I am responsible/
For little 'ol me.

-end of sample vignette-

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The contest prize is having your writing selected and included "as a guest" in Today I Will: Rediscover Life.

Writers: Share your thoughts, memories, or experience in 250 words or less in any form of writing (curse words and images are not allowed) such as poetry (free, rhyming, etc) 1st person, 3rd person -- style is open. Choose one, two or three topics to write about from the list below:

1. Trying something new.

2. Reconnecting.

3. Relaxing.

4. Talking with another generation.

5. Being happy.

6. Pets.

7. Be Helpful.

8. Do something nice.

9. Positive emotions.

10. Taking responsibility for one's happiness.

The book is about rediscovering interests and doing something active each day. Whether the activity is thinking, doing a craft, physical movement (like walking in the park) or visiting with another person - each day, the reader will be invited to "get off the couch".

Contest winning entries will have a take-away and reach the reader on an emotional level.

Each topic has an illustrated page. The writing does not have to mirror the illustration - just relate to it.

In the book, winning vignette entries will have the writer's name on the page the vignette appears. Runner-ups will be acknowledged in the back of the book.

Each writer submitting an entry will receive one free copy of the completed book, regardless of the number of topic entries.

Contest particulars: The contest is open to U.S. residents, age 18 and over both male and female.

The entry fee is non-refundable.

This is NOT an anthology, it is a book written by one author with "special guests" providing vignettes for some topic-related pages.

The book is for women, geared more toward ages 55+, and will make an excellent gift.

Contest winners/authors will have NO rights to the book (copyright or otherwise). Ensure your writing is your own. Do not use quotations from another source or paraphrase previous writings (even your own). Selection of topic winners will be by a panel.

Non-selected winner's writings will not be returned. More than one vignette may be selected for a topic - meaning there may be multiple winners in a topic.

Although unexpected, a topic may go un-awarded to a contest writer.

The odds of winning are unknown. The winning entries do not have a cash value, and no cash prizes are offered.

The prize for this contest is publication of your vignette in "Today I Will: Rediscover Life", published by Pep Talk Publishing - expected print date is summer 2016. The entrance fee is $5 for one topic, $10 for two topics, and $15 for three topics - there is a three topic maximum.


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