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Our mission: To help people achieve their goals and reach their dreams.

How? By providing and promoting inspirational & educational personal and professional development books, music, and products.

Our Philosophy: The most important trait we can develop is a sense of positive self-worth and self-respect. Without it, we can never truly care about others and can never reach our full potential.

Self-doubt and negative learned behaviors are weights that drag us down, so Pep Talk Publishing develops and promotes products and services to support our mission and our philosophy - guaranteed.

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If you want to:

* be inspired
* learn in an supportive environment
* develop personal skills
* strengthen your family unit
* improve the environment
and success of your business

- we can help. Sound like something you can use? Please contact us for more information.

Pep Talk Publishing has been in business since 2006. It was started to help women and girls build their self worth, confidence and self-awareness so they could dream * believe * visualize * achieve™ what they wanted for their future.

Lorraine Scott is the founder. With more than 20 years of business and leadership experience, a Master's degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Business - she has the knowledge and insight to assist individuals and organizations identify, develop and achieve their goals.

Lorraine conceived and designed Strategic Personnel Management - a Master's-level course offered at National Defense University in Washington D.C. Lorraine taught the content to senior government civilians and senior military officer from the United States and five allied countries who were students at National Defense University during the 2012-2013 academic year.

PLorraine has also presented classes to a Young Professionals group, Girl Scout Troops, women's organizations, Christian organizations and various seminar and conference settings.

Lorraine is author of a couple of books: Loving Myself First, a book that guides the reader through overcoming negative learned behaviors to find self-love and self-respect, 12 Easy Ways to Tame Your Stress Monster, and Beauty Secrets You can Use At Home.


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